2022-23 SWHA Board Members
Name Email
President Steve Mason president.swha@gmail.com
Past President Warren Hruska warrenhruska@gmail.com
VP U11 - U13 David Van Benthem dvanb22@gmail.com
VP U15 - U18 Chad Morrison chad@kelman.ca 
VP Ice & Scheduling Vacant  
VP Female Hockey Brent Walker brentwalker75@gmail.com
VP Officials Robert Ortiz ortiz.robert44@gmail.com
VP House League Hiten Shah Hshah@mymts.net
Secretary Richard Morin secretary.swha@gmail.com
Treasurer Paul Comte comte87@hotmail.com
Registrar Monica Carlberg registrar.swha@gmail.com
Director of Player Development Derek Wolfe playerdevelopment.swha@gmail.com
Director of Coach Development Chris Horrocks chris@horrocksinsurance.ca
Director of Suspensions Ian Carnegie carnegie@mymts.net
Director of Equipment Richard Morin equipment.swha@gmail.com
Twins Liaison Trevor Joss trevor@wallacemachinery.com
Appointed Positions    
Referee In Chief Joseph Masi j.masi@shaw.ca      (204) 918-5509
Officials Development Director Shane Latour latour.shane99@gmail.com
Referee Assignor Nicole Carnegie  carnegie@mymts.net     (204) 792-7417
Head Timekeeper Vacant  
Volunteer Coordinator Tamara Hawryluk tamhawryluk@gmail.com
Community Centre Reps    
South Winnipeg Ryan Den Teuling ryandenteuling@gmail.com
St. Norbert Keith Murphy bkmurphy@shaw.ca
Community Centre Presidents    
South Winnipeg Paramjit Shahi  
St. Norbert Dana Derkson  
U7 House League (5/6) Vacant  
U9 House League (7/8) Vacant  
U11 Kings (9/10) Vacant  
U13 Kings (11/12) Vacant  
U15 Kings (13/14) Vacant  
U18 Kings (15/16/17) Vacant  
U9 Storm (7/8) Vacant  
U11 Storm (9/10) Vacant  
U13 Storm (11/12) Vacant  
U15 Storm (13/14) Vacant  
U18 Storm (15/16/17) Vacant  
Please Note:  These positions are all volunteer. Without them SWHA cannot function. If you are new to hockey, this is a great way to get involved.  
If these positions are not filled it will affect the daily running of SWHA.
If you would like to volunteer, please email    tamhawryluk@gmail.com