Beginning in the 2014-2015 Season, Hockey Winnipeg implemented the mandatory online Respect in Sport “Parent Program”.  For a child to be eligible to play on a sanctioned Hockey Winnipeg team, this online course must be completed by at least one parent or legal guardian of any minor hockey player before the child can be registered.  The RIS Parent Program is separate from the RIS Coach/Manager certification and therefore must be completed regardless of whether you have taken the RIS Coach certification in the past.  This online program only takes about 1 hour to complete, and the cost is $12 plus GST.  Please make sure to add all your children (who will be registering for hockey) to your RIS Parent Program profile.

Information regarding the parent program, including the link to register can either be found on your Area Association’s website or through here.  The direct link to take the online Parent program course can be found here.

 User Instructions for Respect in Sport for Parents 

The following brief instructions are provided to assist with accessing and advancing through Respect in Sport.

Registering for Respect in Sport-Parent program:

  • Click on the link or button displayed to access the program.  By default, the system will load in English.  Click the word “Français” to translate the page if necessary.
  • Select “Register a New User”
  • Create a username and password for your-self in the appropriate fields.  Respect Group Inc. recommends using an email as a username as this is generally unique to an individual and not easily forgotten.
  • Complete all fields.  Any fields identified with a red X is a mandatory field and must be completed.  Other fields are considered optional but may be requested by your organization.
  • Any field with a “?” in a circle beside the red X has a tool tip.  If you run your mouse over the tool tip, more information about that field will be displayed.
  • Review and accept the Respect Group Inc. privacy policy.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page and you will be prompted to associate your child/children to your profile.
  • This step is critical for the recognition of your certification by your organization.
  • Enter the proper child information in the Child Management Page, then click on No Further Children to Add when done.
  • NOTE: you can add other children later with the Profile option.
  • You will then be prompted for payment through a secure PayPal transaction.
  • Once completed, click on the language of your choice, then on Parent Program Content in the left-hand side menu.
  • Enjoy Respect in sport.

Re-accessing Respect in Sport

  • Click on the link or button displayed to access the program.  By default, the system will load in English.  Click the word “Français” to translate the page if necessary.
  • Enter the username and password you entered while registering for the program.
  • The completed lessons will be indicated with a checkmark; you can then continue to the next uncompleted lesson.
  • You can re-access any completed lessons.
  • Handouts are always accessible from the program slides or from the Handouts menu at left.

Respect in Sport for Parents – Common Questions

1. Q: How will the family accounts of the Respect In Sport Parent Program link to the Hockey Canada Registry?

A: At registration, the parent must associate a child or children to her/his profile (Child Management) where an association must be selected. After a parent is certified, and assuming he/she has associated a child to his profile, the HCR record of the child is updated under Clinics and Qualifications, including the Respect in Sport certificate number.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE PERSON REGISTERING FOR THE COURSE COMPLETES THE FOLLOWING SECTION: Enter the proper child information in the Child Management Page, then click on No Further Children to Add when done.

2. Q: What are the payment options for the RIS for Parents online course?

A: The $12 payment is done through PayPal, by credit card or debit card.  Payment is due at registration and is the responsibility of the person taking the course.

3. Q: How will the area associations know who has completed the course?

A: The Project Manager of the Respect Group will run reports to ensure the area hockey associations have the information needed at the association level. The Project Manager has access to tools for exceptions, mainly when a parent is certified and has forgotten to associate a child to his profile (one of the most common registration errors) so he can verify if a parent has actually taken the course but is not aligned to their child’s profile.

4.  Q: Do team officials who have taken Respect in Sport – Activity Leader/Coach Program have to also take Respect in Sport – Parent Program?

A:  Yes.  The Respect in Sport Parent Program Compliments Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders.  Regardless of if a Parent holds Respect in Sport – Activity Leader Program certification, one parent per family must take the Respect in Sport – Parent Program certification.