Player Transfers

Player transfers occur when a player isn’t physically moving but will be playing for a team that is not in their home area association.

Player transfers must be approved (in order) by the releasing minor hockey association, the accepting/receiving minor hockey association, Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Manitoba.  This process can take several weeks.  For any kind of transfer (area to area, or Region to Region), a parent/guardian must submit the request online from the Hockey Manitoba website and complete the form (  The online request will be transferred automatically to the appropriate area for approval/denial.  If approved, the request will be emailed to the next area/association for approval/denial.  This form is intended for a parent/guardian to complete so they can see the progress as it is approved or denied.

Player transfers are approved for one year only.  Players must return to play in their home association when the season is over.  After 3 consecutive annual transfers, a player is automatically a member of the area association they transferred to.

Transferring In to SWHA

After a transfer has been approved, players must register online and make payment to SWHA prior to participating in team activities.  If applicable, players make separate arrangements for a refund from their home area hockey association.  SWHA does not have internal transfer arrangements with other area minor hockey associations.

Transferring Out of SWHA

After a transfer has been approved, players can request a refund from the SWHA Registrar.  Credit card refunds are processed within a week.  Cheque refunds will take up to 3 weeks since cheques must be signed by 2 executive members and mailed out.

Note:  The $50 Community Club fee collected by St. Norbert and South Winnipeg Community Centres will be retained when a player transfers out of the SWHA area.  Miscellaneous Fees for tryouts and pre-season ice may also apply depending on the individual situation.