Moving to South Winnipeg

If your child has been registered in another hockey association in Canada or the U.S., even at House League level (5/6 & 7/8), you will not be able to register with South Winnipeg Hockey Association before a transfer process with Hockey Winnipeg and/or Hockey Manitoba has been completed.

It can take a couple of weeks for this process to complete.

Until the transfer is complete the on-line registration system will not accept your registration.

Step 1) Please send an e-mail to the SWHA Registrar at and include the following:

Players Full Name
Players date of birth
Name of centre where the player is/was currently registered

Step 2) Once received, the registrar will forward the Change of Residence form.  This form is required for a residential move into our association.

Step 3) Once the Change of Residence form is completed and supporting documents provided (see below), the registrar will coordinate the player transfer with Hockey Winnipeg.

Step 4) Once transfer is completed, registrar will send email with confirmation and online registration can be completed.


Required Supporting Documents to be included with all Change of Residence forms:

1. A copy of player’s birth certificate.

2. A copy of proof of residency which can be:

a) Copy of fully executed Rental Agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or Agreement of Purchase and Sale, or;

b)  Copy of a utility bill (i.e. Hydro/Gas or telephone/cable/internet) demonstrating the parent(s)’ name and new address.

Note: Manitoba medical card & Manitoba Drivers’ licenses are no longer accepted

September 1 is the date that determines which address should be used for registration.  Hockey Winnipeg can adjust this date at their discretion if, for example, you are in the process of moving and will take possession of your new residence in the near future.  You will be required to provide proof of purchase or rental agreement in this case to Hockey Winnipeg.

3. If applicable, Hockey Winnipeg will require a notarized letter of sports registration authority signed by both parents. If the parents of a player live at separate addresses and these addresses are located in two different hockey associations, both parents need to agree in this notarized letter which parent has Sports Registration Authority over each child.  The address of the parent with Sports Registration Authority determines which association the player needs to register in.  A scan of the notarized letter will be attached to the player’s Hockey Canada profile for future years so there is no need to submit a new letter each year.  Each child must be registered for hockey in the same area each year unless a new notarized letter of sports registration authority is provided.

Additional information on a player’s home zone is available in the Hockey Winnipeg Rulebook (page 35).