SWHA Coach Application

Coach Selection

Coaches are selected by the Coach Selection Committee which is chaired by the Director of Coach Development and includes the President, the Vice President of the category, and/or other designates as may be required.

Our goal is to provide the best coaching candidates possible for all of our teams.

Persons interested in coaching can apply using the following form:

Kings Coach & Team Official Application 

Storm Coach & Team Official Application 

Please download, complete and return all applications via email to:

SWHA - Director of Coach Development
FGNHA - VP of Coach and Player Development 

All Storm Coach & Team Official Applications should be emailed to wpgstormhockey@gmail.com as well.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2021

Child Abuse Registry Check

All SWHA coaches are required to complete an Application for Child Abuse Registry (CAR) Check.  The CAR documents will be submitted by SWHA as we can do so at no cost to the individual.  The CAR application will be emailed to you once you have submitted your Coach Application. The check is valid for 3 years, if you’ve completed the CAR application for SWHA in the past 2 years you will not need to complete it this year.  Team officials that fail to complete the required Child Abuse Registry Check prior to December 1st annual deadline will be removed from the team roster and suspended until such time as proper certification is received.

Further information on the Child Abuse Registry can be found on the Government of Manitoba website.

Any questions please emailed the Director of Coach Development.