Apr 22 2024

SWHA Playoff Online 50/50 Draw

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The South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA) has announced their upcoming Playoff Online 50/50 Draw, giving fans and supporters a chance to win big while also supporting the organization.

Participants can purchase tickets online for a chance to win half of the total jackpot, with the other half going towards supporting the SWHA and their programs. The more tickets sold, the bigger the jackpot will be, so be sure to grab your tickets for a chance to win and support youth hockey in South Winnipeg.

To purchase tickets please go to https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/swha

Grand Prize Draw;  March 16, 2024 @ Richmond CC

Must be atleast 18 years of age and a resident of Manitoba to purchase.   

Feel free to share this announcement with family and friends.   

Thanks for making a difference in our local hockey family.

South Winnipeg Hockey Association


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